Information and photos are always an interesting way to understand a project's complexity and challenges with the ultimate solutions . . . here are a few we felt would be of interest to you.

Venetian Spring
Beautiful rigging display at the Palazzo - The Venetian Resort. Each season the Palazzo creates dazzling displays signifying the "dawnings of a new age!"
  Las Vegas Skyline
Photo taken of worker with skyline of
Las Vegas in the background.
Display Rigging
Picture of Route 66 display rigging being installed at the Bellagio Resort horticulture department by our crew.
Suspension Bridge
Need a suspension bridge and netting?
Hamilton Blake, LLC will design, engineer, and create
all manner of environmental and ornamental for
commercial ventures.
Circus Circus
Circus Circus required compliant access systems for
their window cleaning crew and workers.
We were there to help.
Rigging Safety
While it's very important to learn rigging safety,
students should always let their "inner self" shine!
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