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As the West Coast distributor and service center for Tracked Lifts, we are pleased to provide information, product demonstrations, and quotes for a variety of lifts. Here are a couple of flyers to find out directly from us what these terrific products are all about - Click HERE

Tracked Lifts offers a variety of tracked all-terrain and trailer aerial lifts perfect for both in-door and out-door use.

Many choices and options are available - the Platform-Basket Tracked, Self-Propelled Tracked Lifts are the ideal solutions for rental fleets, tree service, ground maintenance and all exterior/interior aerial applications from 40 ft. to 71 ft. 3 inches in height.

The Omme Lift offers both crawler and trailer lifts to a working height of up to 121 ft. 1inch. What is impressive with both the Tracked Lifts and the Omme Lift is their unique ability for side reach, ease of use, and dependability in a variety of work-settings.

Omme Lifts
Aerial Lifts

Lightweight and easy to transport, the Omme Tracked Self Propelled Aerial Lifts has extremely compact dimensions (3'8" in width x 6'6" height) - allowing access through tight passages. The variable spread outriggers and deployment ability on slopes up to 22 degrees assure a safe work configuration always can be found.

The rubber tracked undercarriage, coupled with a Kubota Diesel engine allows the lifts to traverse soft muddy terrain, hilly lawns and delicate indoor surfaces of all types with ease and without any impact. The manual leveling of the outriggers assures safe setup in the most difficult situations the first time-every time.

Tracked Lifts offers a large variety of platform-basket tracked, self-propelled units - the most capable and versatile ultra compact manlifts on the market that use simple live hydraulic operating system for unsurpassed reliability and ease of repairs.

All models have a standard dual source of power: Honda gasoline engine for outdoor use and 110V electric motor for quiet, pollution-free indoor applications. In either case, each system is independent, allowing for redundancy in the event of an engine failure. Hybrid Diesel/Battery power is standard on the tallest machine.


Hamilton Blake LLC is proud to work with Tracked Lifts and Omme Lift in sales, service and rentals of these versatile lifts
Call 702-307-4477 for immediate assistance for renting, purchasing, or repair services
Here is our company flyer on rental information and an advertising brochure about Tracked Lifts

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