Our clients and their workers can experience training in a 2-story hands-on training center for one-on-one training with safety equipment used in the field. The center offers horizontal lifeline systems, catwalks, vertical climbing systems with ladders, leading edges, all material and equipment needed for a student to experience real-world scenarios. The training center offers the best possible safety training location and trainers.Break

Current Training Schedule

Call 702-307-4477 if you would like a special or customized class for your company - weekends are available.
Schedule is updated daily- check back often, and reserve your spot as soon as you possibly can and please be prepared to wear a mask when entering our facility to help reduce the spread of COVID-19

Updated on April 25, 2022

Fall Protection & Rescue Awareness
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. - $95.00 Per Person
Tuesday, May 3rd - 5 Seats Available
Friday, June 3rd - 14 Seats Available
Thursday, July 7th - 6 Seats Available
Tuesday, August 2nd - 15 Seats Available

Confined Space User Training
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. - $115.00 Per Person
Wednesday, May 11th - 8 Seats Available
Thursday, June 9th - 8 Seats Available
Tuesday, July 12th - 8 Seats Available
Wednesday, August 10th - 8 Seats Available

Rigging Safety Training
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - $135.00 Per Person
Thursday, May 19th - 11 Seats Available
Tuesday, June 21st - 12 Seats Available
Wednesday, July 20th - 12 Seats Available
Thursday, August 25th - 12 Seats Available

Rope Access Equipment Orientation & Techniques
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. - $135.00 Per Person
Tuesday, May 24th - 5 Ropes Available
Wednesday, June 29th - 5 Ropes Available
Thursday, July 28th - 5 Ropes Available
Tuesday, August 30th - 5 Ropes Available


Map and Directions

Costs for all day classes include all classroom materials, snacks, coffee, sodas, waters, lunch.
For Rope Access and Fall Protection Training - Attendees are Encouraged to Bring Their Own Gear - We will
complete an Annual Competent Gear Inspection for You at The Class at No Charge

Note: Certificates of Completion are provided for all attendees who pass the final testing.
Laminated Cards are an additional $20.00 per card

BreakBecause of the amount of hands-on practical exercises, attendance is limited to 12 to15 persons.
With normally 2 to 3 instructors per class - we guarantee you will receive
the best possible learning experience!

Classes fill quickly.
Call today to register for classes.
Telephone - 702-307-4477 - Fax - 702-307-4488
Email Erica or Jamie for more information or to registerBreak

Important Cancellation or Change Policies: Safety is our business and our driving force. As our classes are small and in demand, in fairness to all we’ve had to implement the following cancellation policy:

Book your employees for our classes and if something comes up, let us know (2) full working days in advance and we’ll be happy to reschedule your group with no penalty. However, if cancellations occur with less than 48 hours notice or doesn't show at all, you will be charged at 100% of the individual attendee rate. Sorry! There are NO exceptions to this policy and NO carryovers or transfers.

Also, if payment has not been arranged by (2) working days prior to the class, we reserve the right to cancel your spaces and provide them to other interested parties. Note: Customized training, weekend, or holiday training is non-cancelable and signed purchase orders with deposit is required in advance.

Note: All class attendees to Rope Access MUST bring their own working gear to class. We will provide attendees a Competent Gear Annual Inspection for your safety records.

Classes - Agendas

Agendas for Safety Training (Simply Call Erica or Jamie at 702-307-4477 for an agenda and schedule)

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